In its broadest form, there are two sides when it comes to running a service-based or photography business. There’s the operational side dealing with all the processes involved in producing and delivering your service (aka, the fun part!), and there’s the strategic side (the sometimes not-so-fun part). Your strategy involves long-term planning and making decisions to grow your business.

Outsourcing your website copy should fall under your business strategy.

Why? Let’s dive in! 

Why Should I Hire a Copywriter for My Website?

Before we answer this question, let’s make sure there’s a clear understanding of what copywriters do. A copywriter is someone who writes text (copy) for ads, websites, landing or sales pages, or other types of promotional content.

However, before copywriters get to writing, they learn about the goals and target clients, as well as the benefits and values of a service to tailor the language and message. A lot of work and experience comes into play before there’s any writing involved!

Let’s see what that work and experience looks like and how your business can take advantage.

Expertise and Experience in Copywriting

Copywriters bring a specific set of skills to the table, including SEO optimization, persuasive writing, and audience engagement. With these skills, copywriters can craft a compelling website copy that not only attracts search engines but also resonates with your potential clients.

Save Time You Can Use to Focus on Delivering Your Services

Time is a precious commodity for any business owner. Outsourcing your website copy will free up your schedule since you’ll be delegating to a professional. That isn’t to say you won’t be involved in the process! While you’ll need to provide insights and feedback, the bulk of the website copy process is handled by your trusted copywriter. The result? You can focus on delivering your services without compromising on the quality of your online presence.

Quality and Consistency Matters

Your website is the first impression a potential client gets from your business, just like a book cover. A high-quality and consistent message is what helps you build trust and credibility with them. A copywriter ensures your brand’s tone and style are consistent across all pages, reinforcing a strong and recognizable brand identity that resonates with your audience.

SEO Optimization

Beyond just using keywords, SEO involves crafting valuable, relevant content that meets both search engine algorithms and what your audience expects from you. Copywriters are adept at optimizing content to improve search engine rankings and drive organic traffic to your website. We can create website copy that will engage with your audience using compelling narratives and persuasive calls to action. In return, you enhance visitor engagement and increase conversion rates. Just remember that while copywriters help with SEO, ongoing SEO efforts might be needed to maintain and improve search rankings.

Engage with Your Audience

An engaging website copy captures and retains your audience’s attention.  Outsourcing your website copy to a professional copywriter who excels in brand storytelling and persuasion techniques ensures your core message resonates with your target audience. This approach not only enhances client retention but also strengthens your competitive edge in the market.

How Does Outsourcing Your Website Copy Work?

All copywriters may have a similar approach to the process. Here’s what to expect from me when you outsource your website copy:

Initial Consultation

I’ll have you complete an online form to learn about your business goals, target audience, and what you need before we schedule a call. Before our call, I’ll send you the proposal we’ll discuss, which will include the steps to achieve your goals and the strategy we’ll collaborate on together to determine your brand and objectives.

Strategy Development

Next, we’ll develop a strategy, tailored to your service-based and photography business and audience. Before this call, we’ll each have our homework to do, including SEO research on my end while you complete a form or questionnaire.

During our strategy call, we’ll discuss your client persona, brand, and the benefits and features of your services, so we can present you as the business your audience wants to hire. We’ll also establish the specific purpose for each website page and how it’ll contribute to your overall business objectives. 

Drafting and Feedback

Finally, I write your website copy! Once finalized, I’ll share the draft with you to review and answer any questions you may have about the language used.  We’ll do a round of revisions as this collaborative approach ensures that the final copy meets your expectations.


You’re ready to launch your new website copy. I’ll provide you with a formatted website copy that you or your web developer will use to update your website.

What to Expect When You Outsource Your Website Copy

When you work with me as your go-to SEO content and copywriter, you can expect clear and regular communication throughout the process. I’m proactive in my communications, but I’ll also leave you alone once I have everything I need to craft your website copy. 

I’ll also meet the deadlines we established during our initial consultation. Lastly, I’ll make sure your copy aligns with your brand voice and values. That’s why I like to work closely with business owners as your input and feedback are imperative to reach the best results.  It also helps me understand your unique needs and create content that accurately represents your business and appeals to your target audience.

Remember that outsourcing doesn’t end with the delivery of the website copy. It’s an ongoing support you can take advantage of to ensure your website remains fresh and relevant. This support can vary for different writers, in my case, it typically includes updates to the copy as your business evolves, writing new blog posts, or updating old ones.

Ready to Get Started?

A clear and compelling website copy will enhance your ability to convert your ideal clients. If your copy no longer works for your business or needs a refresh, then outsourcing your website copy is a smart move for your growing business.

Are we a good fit? I focus on SEO content and copywriting for service-based entrepreneurs and photographers. 

I can help you with one of my services, (1) done-for-you copywriting, (2) custom blog posts, and (3) content revival. One focuses on creating website pages using your brand voice to increase your online visibility and attract your clients, while the others create and breathe new life into your website so you continue providing relevant, engaging, optimized, and effective information to your clients. 

If the fit is right, contact me so we can get started!